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Port fees and tariffs

General port fee regulations

Invoices issued on the port fee are to be paid on the due date mentioned on the invoice. Interest on overdue payments is equally high as the highest possible interest rate according to the Interest Rate Act.

VAT (value added tax) applies to domestic traffic, and it is added to port fees when the fee relates to domestic traffic or import/export through the port of Kaskinen.

The tariff is valid from 1.1.2019 until further notice



General terms

Goods are subject to charge according to the port fee tariffs for goods imported or exported through the Port of Kaskinen. Fees also have to be paid on goods shipped in domestic traffic through the port of Kaskinen.

The fees shall be paid, unless otherwise separately agreed, by the domestic owner of the goods or the ship´s agent. The party responsible for paying the fee shall provide the Port of Kaskinen with the necessary information for the determination of the charge.

The port fee for goods is calculated according to the gross weight of the goods, unless otherwise agreed.

The following goods are exempt of fees:

a.       confiscated goods,

b.      passenger luggage,

c.      goods for personal or household use carried by vessels in archipelago traffic as well as goods brought in for sale at the market or in the Port of Kaskinen, containers and all forms of pallets classified as means of transportation aid and which are not considered independent merchandise. The Port of Kaskinen can in exceptional cases reduce or totally waive the port fee for goods. Based on commercially significant reasons, the Port of Kaskinen can deviate from the port fee for goods.



1.                  General fee  3,15 €/t
2.                  Feed, Fertilizer, Rags, Grain, Fish waste, Potato starch  1,00 €/t
3.                  Mineral products, Bulk goods  1,00  €/t
3.1                Slag products in domestic traffic  1,00 €/t
3.2               Wood pellets  0,82 €/t
3.3               Peat, Peat pellets  1,15 €/t

4.                  Raw wood, Wood chips  0,95 €/t
4.1                Fibre wood  0,72 €/m³
4.2                Energy wood  0,49 €/m³
5.                  Paper, Paper board  1,25 €/t
6.                  Pulp, Plywood and building boards, metal, metal scrap, iron and steel bars /boards, rails, pipes and big bag products (if products are normally as bulk cargo)  1,15 €/t
6.1                Stone and stonematerial products  0,28 €/t

7.                  Sawn wood  0,43 €/m³
8.                  Liquid bulk, oil products  1,80 €/t
8.1                Caustic soda  1,10 €/t
8.2               Pine oil  1,10 €/t
8.3               Hydrogen peroxide 1,10 €/t
8.4               Molasses 1,10 €/t
9.                 Vessels and boats
– export                      0,12 % of value
– import                     0,20 % of value
10.                A fee of 40 € will be charged for goods in containers or equivalent unitised cargo which cannot be compared to any of the items in the list
11.                Project cargo  8,00 €/t
The minimum port fee payable is however 20 €


General conditions

A fee for merchant vessels arriving to the city of Kaskinen´s harbour area is charged according to this tariff.
The fee is based on register tonnage and is calculated according to the    vessel ´s net tonnage certificate.
If the net tonnage in the harbour changes, the highest net tonnage that has been used will be applicable. 
If a vessel in port shifts from domestic to international traffic or vice versa, the vessel fee will be charged as for international traffic.
To determine the billing grounds, the vessel´s master or agent is obliged to provide a vessel notification according to the port regulations.
The payment of vessel fee entitles to a 30 day continuous stay within the harbour area.
The vessel fee can be adjusted or totally waived due to special reasons.

Fee for cargo vessels and passenger vessels

The vessel fee is 0,54 €/net tonnage

Minimum fee is 300 €
Passenger vessels in regular time-table based traffic for a minimum duration of three months and which transport mainly passengers are granted a 40 % reduction on the vessel fees.

Minimum fee is 250 €.

Passenger cruise vessels calling at the port without embarking or disembarking passengers, are subject to a 50 % reduction of the vessel fee if moored or a 75 % reduction if anchored.

Minimum fee is 300 €.

Fee for tugboats and combined tugboat barges

For tugboats temporarily visiting the harbour area, the fee is charged as per maximum length as follows:

Length under 15 m 65 €
Length 15 – 30 m 130 €

Length over 30 m 165 €

For combined tugboat barges, the fee is charged according to the combination´s total net tonnage.

Fees for laid-up vessels

The fee for laid-up vessels and vessels used as warehouses will be based on a separate agreement between the shipowner and the Port of Kaskinen Ltd.



Domestic waste

Domestic waste originating from vessels must be sorted according to sorting directives. There are different sorting containers on the quay for different types of waste. However, the domestic waste disposal charge is not applied to vessels which through agreement are committed to self-arrangement for their waste disposal. If a vessel, to which an exemption has been granted, leaves waste originating from the vessel in the port, the vessel/shipowner will be charged double for unsorted waste. The charge is based on the net tonnage of the vessel. The waste disposal charge is calculated by multiplying the waste fee by the net tonnage.

Cargo vessels are charged a waste disposal fee of 0,11 €/net tonnage. The minimum fee is 110 €.

Disposal fee for vessel generated oliferous waste

According to the Finnish Transport Safety Agency directive the vessel is obligated to give a 24 h pre-port arrival waste notification to the Port of Kaskinen. If the voyage time from the previous port is less than 24 h, the waste notification has to be given immediately upon departure. The fee is charged on every vessel visiting the port, regardless if the vessel is disposing oliferous waste or not. The oliferous waste disposal fee is not charged on vessels that have a certificate granted by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency giving the right to deviate from regulations concerning the compulsory disposal of waste.

A vessel exempted from compulsory disposal of waste may still dispose oliferous waste in the port, but will be a charged a fee equalling the actual cost of emptying the tanks. If the vessel has not dispatched the waste notification prior to the arrival and still wants to dispose oliferous waste, the charged fee will be equivalent to the actual costs. If the disposed waste amount exceeds the notified amount, the resulting additional costs will be charged according to the actual costs.

The waste disposal fee of oliferous waste from cargo vessels is 0,12 € per unit of net tonnage. The minimum fee is 135 €.


Vessel´s hazardous waste will be charged according to the costs incurred.


Mooring fees

Fees for mooring and unmooring are charged separately 0,08€/net tonnage

The minimum fee is 120 € / 160 € (Sat. 00.00 –Mon. 06.00 )/operation.

The vessel´s largest net tonnage is always used as a charging ground if there are two tonnage measurements.

For vessel hauling along the quay, only mooring fee is charged. For other transfer of vessels, both mooring and unmooring fees are charged.

Vessel hauling is free of charge, when it is executed on the request of the Port Authority.

During weekends and holidays an additional 30 % charge is applied (Sat. 00.00-Mon. 06.00)

No bonuses or reductions are applied on mooring and unmooring fees.

Water fees

According to amount of water 4,00 €/ton
Minimum fee 45,00 €/time

For water delivered on overtime an additional fee of 50 €/h is also charged.

Electricity fees

Electricity 0,60 €/kwh
Minimum fee 80,00 €/day

Rental of storage areas

Temporary storage in the port area:
On paved and lit berth area 0,05 €/m²/day
Outside berth area 0,05 €/m²/day
In warehouses in berth area 2,00 €/m²/month