Port of Kaskinen

Access to port area

Everybody entering the port area is required to have a permit issued by the port. Such a permit is not required  for authorities on duty. Anybody wishing to access the port is required to show a valid ID-card and state their reason for visiting the port. Entrance to the port area without a valid reason is prohibited.

Access Permit

The Port Authority or companies authorised by the port grant access permits to all permanent port employees as well as to companies visiting the port on a regular basis. The access permit is personal; heavy-duty vehicles can be granted vehicle permits. Visits to ships are only allowed after the vessel has berthed, and the visitor must be able to name the person they are visiting.

Access Control

The port areas in Kaskinen are monitored by recording CCTV surveillance and regular guarding. The port control (tel. +358 (0) 400 868 783) and the Securitas guarding service (tel. +358 (0) 204 913 029) are responsible for controlling the port area. There are CCTV surveillance monitors covering all the quay areas and major activities in the port area. Entrance to the port area is mainly through the main gate beside the harbour house.

Cargo Handling

The vessels loading and unloading zones should be avoided. The working zones between loading and unloading vessels and the warehouses are exclusively reserved for stevedoring activities. Any unnecessary traffic in these areas is forbidden.

Personal safety at Port

CE-approved reflective clothing must be worn when working in or passing the cargo handling and traffic zones in the port area. When driving in the quay area, you should keep to the middle of the traffic zones and avoid door openings and warehouse corners. The speed limit in the port area is 30 km/h.