Port of Kaskinen

Port of Kaskinen

satamaThe port is situated on the west coast of Finland in the Gulf of Bothnia, approx. 100 km north of the city of Pori.

The port hadles around 1 milj. tons of goods per year and is one of the most important export ports for wood products and pulp in Finland

The traffic at Port of Kaskinen grew rapidly in the 2000 decade due to heavy investments and good co-operation. Today, the diversity of the infrastructure makes handling of goods efficient and fast and provides excellent establishing and development possibilities for industry. We will continue to develop the port, taking future demands into account.

The well planned port guarantees secure and cost efficient handling of goods for the customer. Landside and berth side functions are logically separated from each other. This ensures trouble-free handling of even large items between different transport modes, warehouses and vessels. Due to these arrangements we can easily handle goods exceeding 15.000 tons a day – and we take great pride in this!

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